Anti-theft antennas

Collections provided under free access require the use of discrete security to protect them. The current architecture of modern libraries, as well as the demanding styles of interiors from previous eras, require the use of solutions which are not only characterised by highly efficient operation, but also which perfectly fit into the space without disturbing the harmony of the library or undermining its uniqueness.

Library resources with affixed RFID library tags are protected by anti-theft antennas located in the vicinity of the exit / entrance.

These devices detect attempts to steal secured books, and notify the security staff by acoustic and light signals when such an attempt is detected.

ARFIDO anti-theft antennas ensure high efficiency, obtained thanks to the advanced digital electronic systems and the RF interference detection algorithm. Wide spacing between the antennas provides free movement in both directions for library users. The antennas also form a discrete preventive element, and any potential thieves can see the precautions being taken.

ARFIDO also offers anti-theft antennas based on electromagnetic (EM) technology with suitable safety tags.