Modern library

  • Książkomat realizowany dla Biblioteki Kraków


    This self-service device allows to collect books previously ordered in the library. The patron places an order through the library system. When the book is prepared for borrowing,

  • Biblioteka 24 /7

    This allows anyone to borrow and return books made available by the library, in any location without the need to directly contact the library staff. The librarian places a book in each locker.

  • RFID borrowing

    In many libraries using RFID solutions, the users may access those collections made available under the so-called free access system.

  • RFID returns

    Libraries can choose from a range of solutions for the automatic return of borrowed books.

  • Organization of collections

    The maintenance of library collections is a time-consuming and expensive process, and in many cases it makes part of or the whole library unavailable to the users.

  • Protection of collections

    Library collections available to users in free access areas are vulnerable to theft. This unique space is designed especially for the convenience of the user and the access to library resources enables the unassisted borrowing and return of publications. Collections provided in this way must be effectively protected against unauthorized removal of items.

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