Organization of collections

The maintenance of library collections is a time-consuming and expensive process, and in many cases it makes part of or the whole library unavailable to the users. The modern RFID technology from ARFIDO enables measurable reductions in the time necessary to inventory collections or to organise them. Searching no longer requires the tedious removal of each item from the shelves.

A portable RFID device can read information stored in the RFID library tag memories at a distance. It is possible to check the correct arrangement of books on the whole bookshelf in a very short time, to find a specific item or one that should be stored in another location.

The ARFIDO range of products includes portable hand-held RFID readers with a separate device for displaying information, as well as readers with an integrated display screen. As the reader is moved along the shelf, the information is retrieved from the tags and verified in the library system. The device triggers alarms according to set parameters, e.g. when a sought item is found or a book from another department is identified.

  • ARFIDO mobile inventory

    The mobile inventory is a very simple and user-friendly tool for the librarian, enabling quick searches as well as identification and arrangement of library resources.

  • Wózek biblioteczny z ruchomym dnem

    Library cart with movable floor

    The work of a librarian is undoubtedly facilitated by the use of a cart with a movable floor.

  • Sorter for RFID drop box

    Returns of borrowed publications in those libraries serving a large number of users may constitute a serious organizational problem.