Librarian system - returns

ARFIDO has developed RFID readers for those libraries that lack appropriate space to use a depository or RFID drop box; they provide smooth returns and lending of library items through the librarian system.

The RFID reader connected to the computer transmits the information read from memory of the RFID library tags affixed to the books into the information system. They can also identify the user based on his/her RFID library card. After verifying the information on the returned items the reader allows the user to save the current status to the tag memory. The entire process is carried out almost immediately, and minimizes the number of errors associated with the identification and entering of information into the library system.

The RFID readers developed by ARFIDO are available in versions that can be located above or below working surfaces, with the additional ability of reading the library cards and optional reading of multiple books at one time.

With the implementation of RFID technology, the returning of borrowed publications is extremely fast and user friendly.